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Regardless of who you are, the internet is full of possibilities and there are now endless ways to learn about new topics. The rise of online courses has lead there to be thousands of free and extremely valuable courses on every topic you can think of. Here are some of the best sites that offer free courses and what you can learn on them.


1. Duolingo is easily the number 1 way to learn another language, for free, anywhere in the world. With short, easy to follow steps, Duolingo guides you from start to f..fluency. Having used this to learn conversational german, I can say that it works! Doulingo teaches more than 30 languages including “High Valerien” from GOT and “Klingon” from StarTrek. 

2. Coursera partners with uni’s from lots of countries all over the world. They aim to provide a large range of courses on various topics to help students. Some resources are even provided straight from the universities and the lecturers. So you know you are getting a quality educational resource which should be up to date and without mistakes. This helps students by giving them a wide range of in depth guides to help them through whichever course they find themselves on.

3. Khan Academy

From English to Physics the Khan Academy works with lots of secondary school (UK) and High schools (US) basing all the guides on the general syllabus. These guides would allow even the most hopeless to get fantastic grades at school preparing them for further education. Their site is super clean and user friendly which makes navigating from course to course very easy. So there is no excuses not to do well in all your classes now!

4.Africa Legal

More specialized than the other, and for good reason. Africa Legal Partnered with Cape town university provides free and paid courses and resources for law students around the world. Africa Legal Pride themselves on promoting young Africans to take up a career and study in law. Helping solidify the law scene in Africa.

5. Udemy 

Udemy is another site which offers both free content, and paid content. However, it is not just universities and school which they partner with. Anyone who’s an authority in their field can create a course and submit it to a panel which verifies the course. These courses can be made free or you can charge money for people to learn from it. Udemy is a very popular option, especially in the computer science field. 


Let us know below which sites you have used before. Or will try out now! I’m interested in which courses or languages you will find the most useful.  

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