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In an ever-growing digital world where everything is moving online, from shopping to dating, it will come as no surprise that the corporate world is included in this trend too. From online software to mobile apps, it can be hard to navigate what tools are best for your industry. If you’d like to know more, keep reading about some of favourite online business tools, including communication and project management.

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Do you work with various teams, people and outside companies, but you still want all communications to go through one app? Make sure to check out Slack. It allows you to create a workspace with different communication channels based on teams, projects or even office location. Slack can be integrated with a host of different apps, including project management tool Asana. You can also invite channel-guests, so if you have employed a temporary freelancer or contractor to help you out with your project, then they can easily be included in those channels that are most relevant to them. Slack syncs on desktop and there is a handy mobile app too – ideal for when you’re on the go but need to check in on the on-going projects. Slack has both paid and free options.



Are you in the construction industry and have you been looking for a hub that houses it all? Copronet is the tool for you! As a full-service digital hub, Copronet gathers everything in one place, allowing you to streamline workflow. Not only can it help you win contracts, you can build valuable client relationships with relevant parties within the construction industry. As such, there is a profile builder, finance checker, project hub, work search as well as networking capabilities – all within the same tool! Use their planning or management software and gain valuable leads. They have different plans available, including a free plan. So, if you first want to check whether this tool could be helpful for you, you can familiarise yourself with its functionalities before committing to plan. And if you did want to try their paid version, they offer a 30-day free trial, so you always have the option of changing your mind.

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Mentioned briefly above as well, Asana is a handy work management tool that works well across industries. Where Copronet is purely focused on the construction industry, Asana can be personalised to suit your needs regardless of what industry you are in. It can help structure and plan your work day, short-term projects and long-term campaigns. You can share all vital details and instructions and then assign tasks. Not only does this help companies keep on top of the workflow, it also helps to visualise which team members might have been assigned more than they can possibly complete and will also help keep track of progress. It is ideal to help ensure important deadlines are met. As with all other tools in this list, Asana has a few pricing options, including a free option to help you get started. Their paid plans also come with a free trial, so you don’t have to commit to a paid plan immediately before getting to full grips with Asana.

Of course, these are only some of our favourite tools and it’s always a good idea to trial any tool before you fully commit to it. We’d love to hear any suggestions for some of your favourite business tools, any we should be looking out for?

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